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The Apparel Industry

A common place for all, meeting together, growing together, having a better communicative life and culture. – Apparel Industry

Respect is the most important thing in the apparel industry, if you can fight with respect, grow with a personality, Every one can make a friendly productive culture. I have seen companies where no system is implemented, but running productive, the only reason of respect and self contribution. After a while it named as 5S, Kaizen and other systems. All the system which have been implemented, in the industry still lacking behind the communication gap to sustain the systems.

The revolution begin from understanding the people, culture, needs, region, relief. Every person have different type which makes him/her unique in certain things, people who sustain at good position in the companies are mostly who can understanding the person’s quality well. The actual work which is done by operators, but to make them work a motivation, productive, understandable environment is required which in given by the people who guide them. Now question arises:

How factories can come up with the friendly culture?

  1. Establishing Respective environment
  2. Satisfied guidance & motivation
  3. Awards for Success and growth
  4. Initiative for change, Declare the change, inspire all from an overall perspective.
  5. Understanding people, by Giving importance to people as well as their background, work & needs

Thing can not change in a day, It takes time to do something passionate and different from other, by making An Initiative – Initiative to Change


Fashion, The medium of change – Facebook

How Fashion Changing from Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social media in these days. Fashion plays the crucial role in making its existence. As we know that the fashion is not all about the styling yourself.  Fashion is a popular style or practice which is followed by a group or by large. It can come from local market to the top high street market or the reverse. Facebook is becoming the medium of change, change of the perception by following people’s activities or style. The role which Fashion plays are the following:

  1. People click Selfies, Pics, DPs each of them contribute to the fashion generation.
  2. People make their personality by showing them Different, Confident and Stylish.
  3. MEN to MEN Following, FEMALE to FEMALE following and cross gender following also make the difference.
  4. People buy Cloths by viewing the ads.
  5. Student get the idea of their personality by following their friends and families as well as celebrities.
  6. People who are engaged in Music, Make their culture as Punk,
  7. The page which are made by celebrities, groups of people, communities, Brand or product, artists, public figure or cause.
  8. Great Photographers are engaging in creating the social media contents or pictures to permute their business or product.
  9. Updates about the Event, Workshop, Auditions, Brands etc.
  10. Most of the people become the model, Actor, fashion stylist, fashion designer or event fashion businessmen by the analyzing the Facebook critically without doing any studies.
  11. The most attention which is given to today’s most popular medium “Video”. Also integrated with Facebook.
  12. The emotional impact which is found in these days is the attachment with the people and got in love or follow them as their role model


These are the things which directly does the impact on fashion and people let you to follow the fashion people do. In these situation, Facebook is the medium, where fashion is followed or change by 1.44 billion people. It is a challenge for business men or entrepreneur to get into the business where people are becoming more dependent. Where people look for innovative and different things and incorporate that into their style. But it is also the medium where fashion generates or become popular, that’s why social media marketing is now a days is the best way to get your customer.

Fashion – The medium of change – Facebook

Surviving in the Fashion Culture it’s very important to become updated which comes from the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc. Some of people likes to read about the fashion in the magazine like Vogue, Elle, cosmopolitan get updated. But the Facebook is the medium which is ever growing…




Fashion, Medium of Change – The Perception

Look at the people, their life style, culture and their nature. People who live in fashion make them all fashionable due to psychology change. The fashion itself the representation of the personality.

The perception changes with the following things:

  1. The Environment
  2. Society
  3. The community – Dance /
  4. Influencers – Celebrities / Singers / Models etc
  5. Fashion Trend – Punk, Grudge etc.
  6. Media – Movies etc.
  7. Counties Wise Chages
  8. Own Comfort Zone
  9. Fashion Shows / Weeks

While these culture matters the nature of human mind sets his/her own  perception and be act like this. In some exception cases, people make their style to come in fashion.


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