A common place for all, meeting together, growing together, having a better communicative life and culture. – Apparel Industry

Respect is the most important thing in the apparel industry, if you can fight with respect, grow with a personality, Every one can make a friendly productive culture. I have seen companies where no system is implemented, but running productive, the only reason of respect and self contribution. After a while it named as 5S, Kaizen and other systems. All the system which have been implemented, in the industry still lacking behind the communication gap to sustain the systems.

The revolution begin from understanding the people, culture, needs, region, relief. Every person have different type which makes him/her unique in certain things, people who sustain at good position in the companies are mostly who can understanding the person’s quality well. The actual work which is done by operators, but to make them work a motivation, productive, understandable environment is required which in given by the people who guide them. Now question arises:

How factories can come up with the friendly culture?

  1. Establishing Respective environment
  2. Satisfied guidance & motivation
  3. Awards for Success and growth
  4. Initiative for change, Declare the change, inspire all from an overall perspective.
  5. Understanding people, by Giving importance to people as well as their background, work & needs

Thing can not change in a day, It takes time to do something passionate and different from other, by making An Initiative – Initiative to Change